Calibre – Shelf Life Vol. 2

May 19, 2009

CD & LP of Shelf Life 2

Life rolls onnnnnnnnnn……….

The saviour, inspiration and definitely the #1 producer in DnB drops his 2nd album of older/unreleased tracks from his Belfast vault.

Yes it’s finally available so make sure your grab it on both vinyl and CD. The reason being that 2xCD version has a whole heap of other tunes not on wax (plus a few non DnB bits aswell). Shelf Life 2 is a brilliant compilation, but it would have been a touch better if more pre 2004 productions were included, but hey, beggers can’t be chooses right??!!  Anyway, the standout cuts for me are The Blues, All the Days, Out Of The Box, What To Do In These Times and Life.

Lets hope that Calibre keeps this series going as his recent EPs have been a little too melancholic for my liking.

reminds me of shaggy from scooby do

Oh yeah if your on myspace then please add the page I have up and running…….. there is still loads of gems in his vault    .. . . .

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