Lynx & Kemo – The Raw Truth LP/CD

May 12, 2009

Lynx & Kemo - The Raw Truth LP

About 3 ½ years ago I was at The End in London, Fabio was up and he played this tune which had me running to the DJ booth to see what was written on the dub. A few months later the same producer had gained some support on Soul:ution Radio, then soon after he secured a few 12”s on labels like Creative Source & Bingo. Before we knew it Soul:R had signed him for an LP after hearing his tune Global Enemies with a local Düsseldorf MC. The last few years have gone so quickly and thankfully Lynx & Kemo’s album The Raw Truth is finally here. 

I reached Lynx about a month ago & this is what he had to say……………………

Udon: What did you learn from making The Raw Truth? Is there anything you would do differently next time?

Lynx: The main thing I have learnt about myself and my creative flow, is that I should never actually think about doing an album and just write music. Before writing the album with Kemo we were really focused on making an album that all the tunes worked nicely together…the funny thing is until now I didn’t realize that all my tunes naturally do that anyway… therefore next album I wont worry about that and just write music and put the tunes together!

Udon: Did Soul:R give you 100% creative control you needed as an producer/artist?

Lynx: Through the early stages we had 100% control but towards release Marcus Intalex, ST Files and Chris from ST Holdings (distributor) have helped to A & R the album into a more rounded product.

Udon: It seems that many DnB artists are making albums with the same old formula – 5 to 8 dance floor DnB tunes, a then a couple downbeat joints thrown in with a listening experience with no real direction. What makes your album different and why should people buy the album?

Lynx: I totally agree. I think this unfortunately is due to the market that is DnB. I am not going to speak for every listener here but in general it’s because that’s what DnB fans want. Hence that labels supply…the difference between our album and any other DnB album I have heard in the last few years is that it sounds like it could have been made ten years ago…or ten years in the future. Therefore we hope it will stand the test of time rather better than most ‘dj tool’ led drum and bass.

Udon: Would you like to keep making DnB or do you want to produce other types of music where you will have more freedom, reach a larger audience and get more recognition?

Lynx: I certainly will keep making DnB forever… I presume. It’s a strange music that I have a love hate relationship for. So many points in my career I have dabbled with other styles of music with different degrees of success. But, i always bring the knowledge gained from doing this back to DnB and it always feels most rewarding. I am not going to lie I would love to be the most successful producer in the world (as most producers probably do!)…Is this possible in DnB?? Who knows…

Udon: If you could produce for any musician (dead or alive), who would it be?

Lynx: Micheal Jackson (Jackson 5 days)

Udon: Off the top of your head, what five songs or albums changed your life?

Lynx:  The Prodigy – Experience, Jackson 5 – Back to your heart’, Roni Size – New Forms, Hyper on Experience – Lord of the Null Lines, John Lennon – Imagine

Udon:  Is there any music on heavy rotation in your home at the moment?

Lynx:  Stevie Wonder, Prince, Plantlife, Roy Ayers, Butti 49, Square Pusher, Flying Lotus, Burial, Royksopp, Basement Jaxx

Udon & Lynx - Photo by Lekke (AKA Mr Croatia)

Udon:  Do you think music has much relevance in 2009?

Lynx:  hahah…. well nowadays everyones a wannabe star. So if you compare modern times with the 60s then you could say it bares much less relevance to young people. For example: in the 60s music inspired fashion, politics, revolutions etc. Fans idolized musicians and looked up to them not only for music but to change the world.

These days it’s the other way around, people look to music to clarify their own path in life: to be ‘in key’ with it. Fans don’t actually want be the followers they want to be the leader, and music is the soundtrack to THEIR life. Listeners are now much wiser and have access to whatever they want whenever they want it via the internet. Its a faster pace of life so people don’t have time for 15 minute epic songs…they want it hard, fast and it not too last too long!


The release date for the album is the 1st June 2009, but you can grab the CD version online from the usual spots (Redeyes, Chemical) aswell as the digital version from ABC.

Lynx & Kemo LP/CD/7"

The album is easily one of the finest DnB albums to be released – period. The vinyl version has 6 killers for the Djs out there, the CD version is for everyone else.  Lynx’s production is nothing short of stunning and he has taken the classic Bristol sound from 90s/early 2000 to the next level, injecting his own twist along the way. Kemo also comes correct with thought provoking lyrics that he delivers with ease. Not forgetting that they also have a whole heap of other artists featuring on the album. I couldn’t honestly say what is my favoruite tune, as the CD is excellent from start to finish. Grab yourself a copy sooner rather than later.

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  1. lekke said

    That mohawk still looks good!

  2. lekke said

    Read the interview during my Subway™ Lunch. Good work!

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