Suite for Ma Dukes on Mochilla

April 23, 2009

RIP Jay Dee

I had my pre-order on this one for some time and the 1 month delay over here in Europe seemed like an eternity. But it was well worth the wait…………….

...and the music score is inside the cover

Producer Carlos Niño and conductor Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s 40 piece orchestra have done an absolulely lushious 4 track J Dilla tribute, chamber music style. I’m not gonna go off on a rant as all bases are covered on the Mochilla site. You can also check some really lovely shots taken by Grace Oh during the studio session when the magic went down . The LP is out now on B+’s neat little Mochilla imprint and proceeds go to Dilla’s heirs…Heavenly and essential !!
If you have a few minutes then check the You Tube for clips of the live performance in LA from a few months back. Fingers crossed they release it on DVD as from what I can gather it was a night to remember.

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