Mophono – Tighten Up 7″

April 22, 2009

You gotta ...

How on earth did I almost miss this 45 !!?? I have to tighten up my game ūüôā

SF’s Mophono¬†drops a¬†splendid¬†little rework of Archie Bells & The Drells funky work out known as Tighten Up. ¬†I still haven’t made it to the flip as this is the one for me.¬† It is¬†out on CB Records, limited to 500 copies and pressed with Skip on Beat; which means no matter where you drop the needle, the record stays on beat. Saaaay whaaat!!??

Nicer shot of the cover.

He also¬†has another sweet 7″ out with a drumtastic re-edit of David McCallum’s cinematic gem The Edge and Willie Mitchell’s ¬†Groovin on the flip. This is also limited to 700 copies.

La di da di da

One Response to “Mophono – Tighten Up 7″”

  1. DJ Centipede aka Mophono is the bomb! Also, check his new EP on Bastard Jazz Records- “Sinicism”. Drums for days!

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